In Spring 2020, Los Medanos College was selected to participate in Caring Campus, an initiative of the Institute for Evidence-Based Change that engages classified professionals in developing behavioral commitments to proactively support and interact with students. LMC’s classified professionals and campus community were excited for the opportunity to further enhance services and support for students.

Caring Campus recognizes the value of connectedness as it increases student achievement. Through their involvement in activities such as LMC’s Welcome Week, Ten-Foot Rule + Warm Referrals, and wearing name tags and ”Ask Me” badges, classified professionals help improve students’ connectedness to the College – leading to an increase in students’ sense of belonging and success. 

By promoting an inclusive environment – with a focus on improving outcomes for students who have historically been marginalized or underserved – Caring Campus supports the College’s institutional equity efforts.  LMC is proud to be a “Caring Campus” and is committed to fostering a campus climate in which all students feel cared for and connected.