Image of LMC students in front of the Student Union building.

Full-time students can attend Los Medanos College tuition-free for up to two years.

Students qualify for free tuition when they register in 12 credit units and complete a financial aid application, regardless of income. Students are not required to qualify for financial aid, demonstrate financial need or meet any income requirements. This tuition waiver is like a grant, meaning that unlike a loan, students do not need to repay the money. Students are responsible for other expenses such as books, supplies, and materials fees required by their classes.

Here’s how to get your free tuition:

Students who complete a financial aid application automatically can be considered for the following types of aid:

  • California College Promise Grant: An income-based fee waiver that reduces eligible students cost of tuition to $1 per credit course. Tuition at LMC for in-state students without financial aid would be $46 per credit unit, or upwards of $500 per semester. The typical CPG recipient who takes 12 units, will owe from $15 to $20 per semester.
  • Full-Time Free Tuition Program: First-time, full-time students may qualify regardless of income. The program is for up to two academic years of full-time study for eligible students.
  • Pell Grant: Pays up to $7,395 per year for eligible students.
  • Cal Grant: Pays up to $1,648 per year for eligible students.
  • Student Success Completion Grant (SSCG): Eligible Cal Grant recipients automatically qualify for the SSCG if enrolled in 12 or more units. Students enrolled in 12-14.9 units qualify for $2,596 per year and students enrolled in 15 or more units qualify for up to $8,000 per year.
  • Work-Study Grants: Work-study grants pay up to $5,000 a year and allows eligible students to work part-time while attending college.
  • Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) Paid Internship Program: LAEP provides eligible underrepresented college students with the opportunity to earn money to help defray their college costs while gaining education-aligned career-related experience.


Los Medanos College Foundation offers more than 40 scholarships that pay from $500 to $12,000 per year. Scholarships are for continuing and transferring students and require a separate application that can completed online. The application window for foundation scholarships opens annually from November to February.

The foundation provides emergency financial support to students through the Help Our Students to Succeed (HOST) fund. HOST provides financial assistance for students facing unexpected challenges and need help with basic needs including childcare, food, rent, and transportation.

LMC students receive millions of dollars in financial aid.

  • Over 5,000 students received a tuition waiver
  • Over $13.5 million in direct aid to students

Financial Aid at LMC

Types of financial aid:

  • Tuition waivers
  • Grants
  • Federal work-study
  • Paid internships
  • Scholarships
  • Loans

Students eligible to complete the FAFSA grant applications are:

  • U.S. citizens
  • Permanent residents
  • Eligible non-citizens
  • T-Visa holders

Apply at

Students eligible to complete CADAA grant applications:

  • Are undocumented
  • Have a valid or expired DACA
  • Are a U-Visa holder
  • Have Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • Meet the non-resident exemption requirement under AB 540

Apply at

For more information, visit or call (925) 473-7525.