LMC Offers Easy, No-Risk Options to Get an Edge In the Workforce

Not every jobseeker needs a college degree. Some just need new skills to kickstart a great career. That’s where Los Medanos College excels, providing a variety of tuition-free, short-term, noncredit certificates. “These programs prepare you to enter rapidly growing fields in the Bay Area,” Interim Dean of Career and Technical Education Dennis Franco said. “With no tuition and no...
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Short-Term Training Brings Long-Term Gain

Boosting technical skills leads to better jobs and higher pay When it comes to finding a fast track to better jobs and higher pay, Los Medanos College has paved the way through its Career and Technical Education programs. From automotive technology to travel marketing, and from accounting to welding, LMC students gain skills and experience in the latest technology and exposure to emerging...
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ESL Boosts Success on the Job and in the Classroom

Los Medanos College has long excelled at helping non-native English speakers who want or need to learn and improve their English fluency. “At LMC, we are here to serve and support any and all immigrant, refugee, and international students whose first language is not English,” said Paula Gunder, English as a Second Language (ESL) professor and department chair. “Our goal is to help...
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Learning Online Has Never Been Easier!

Los Medanos College prides itself in offering top-notch classes online and in person. Currently about 50 percent of class sections are available to take online, giving students added flexibility in planning their academic schedules. While offering greater flexibility, online learning can come with challenges. To ensure the best experience, LMC students can access numerous online services...
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Drone Piloting Skills, Take Careers to New Heights

LMC offers fun, free way to brighten your future For drone program students at Los Medanos College, the sky is the limit for how the skill will bring their dream jobs into reality. “It’s the wave of the future,” said Joseph Dusek, a graphic communications and design major, who plans to start his own business as a drone pilot for hire for a multitude of purposes. “There are so many job...
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Student Success: Two Students Selected for Training with Leading Medical Device Companies

Two students from Los Medanos College have been selected for the first-ever Pathways in Health Technology program. Abigail Fenczik, and Jana Samson are among 26 students from 10 Bay Area community colleges in the immersive eight-week experience created by the nonprofit Diversity by Doing (DxD) HealthTech. LMC is the only college with more than one student selected for the program. The inaugural...
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Los Medanos College Nurtures Mind and Body

Student life can be challenging, especially when it comes to balancing academics with other life demands. But at Los Medanos College, students get some great perks. “We want students to know we support their success,” said Megela Ohare, Basic Needs Program coordinator. “This means making sure they feel healthy and strong enough to meet the challenges of student life in and out of the...
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With Grants, Scholarships and Waivers, LMC Tuition Costs Are Low or FREE

Financial aid expert Tammy Oranje shares the scoop on paying for college There’s money out there to help students pay for college. Lots of it, especially for students who are California residents. That’s according to Tammy Oranje, director of Financial Aid at Los Medanos College. Her job, as she sees it, is to make college as affordable and stress free as possible. This means...
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Un mensaje de la Presidenta Interina Pamela Ralston

¡Bienvenidos a Los Medanos College! Estoy encantada de ofrerceles oportunidades universitarias para lograr sus metas individuales. Si eres estudiante de preparatoria esperando transferirte a una universidad, o si eres alguien que busca mejorar tus abilidades profesionales, estamos aquí para ayudarte y hacer tu visión una realidad. Con instructores y expertos de excelente calibre, juntos...

A message from Interim President Pamela Ralston

Welcome to Los Medanos College! I am thrilled to offer a college journey just for you. Whether you are in high school looking forward to transferring to a university, or someone seeking to add skills or change careers, we are ready to help you bring that vision to reality. LMC boasts top-notch faculty and experts to help tailor the college experience to your needs. In this edition of Career...
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