A career booster with a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and math!

Looking for a job that’s interesting and rewarding?

How about a career field that’s growing fast, pays well, and offers financial security?

You may want to consider careers based on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—STEM for short—which are on the rise in the Bay Area, and all across the country. Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, environmental studies, information technology, engineering, and advanced manufacturing are just a few of the fascinating careers in STEM fields. And all are built on a solid foundation in math and science.

Math and science are part of our everyday lives; we rely on math and science to analyze economic conditions, understand our environment, and plan for our futures. We need those skills today in ways we could not have imagined a few short years ago. Advances in medicine and scientific research help us improve our health, live longer, and understand more about the universe we inhabit. Innovations in technology help us work more  efficiently and communicate more effectively on a global scale.

Surprisingly, however, some students aren’t interested in digging into the mysteries of physics, engineering, or chemical technology. It doesn’t have to be this way, in part because of the many opportunities offered by Los Medanos College (LMC).

A strong math and science foundation gives students the problem-solving and analytical skills that are valuable to succeed in any career. According to LMC STEM Grant Director Ryan Pedersen, “Study in a STEM field offers so many exciting opportunities. Watching Los Medanos students open and enter doors to new worlds of possibility makes the work that we do here incredibly fulfilling and energizing. It is often hard for individuals to see just how broad the opportunities for STEM employment are. I have yet to meet anyone whose interests are not connected to a STEM career in some way. Whether you are fascinated by music or machinery, there are jobs that utilize the deep connections that STEM has to so many areas of our lives.”

Whether the job is with a software or biotech company, STEM education gives employees what President Barack Obama has called “the tools to change the world.” The need is high for employees with these tools, so Los Medanos College offers 24 different STEM degrees and certificates designed to move East Contra Costa County residents along a successful path from interested prospective student to successful, high-earning professional.

STEM Grows Jobs and Salaries

A strong background in math and science opens doors to higher-paying jobs and greater opportunities over a lifetime. Jobs requiring STEM skills are growing five times faster than others and are expected to cover 65 percent of the job market in the coming years. According to a 2012 report from the U.S. Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, people who work in STEM fields earn 26 percent more than those who work in non-STEM fields – and the so-called “STEM premium” is getting larger every year. Locally, the Bay Area consistently ranks at the top of the list of best places for STEM graduates when it comes to availability of employment and income level.

STEM Excellence at LMC

At Los Medanos College, STEM education is top-notch. The College offers premier educational opportunities for students in contemporary laboratory facilities that give students the hands-on experience so critical to quality scientific education. Additionally, the College offers outstanding student support through its vibrant MESA (Math Engineering and Science Achievement) program. MESA offers individualized advising and peer support designed to keep our students on the path to success. Scholarship opportunities are available to some of these students through our S-STEM Scholars Program. The beautifully designed MESA Center serves as both the STEM student cultural hub and an invaluable tutoring resource.

Come visit us at Los Medanos College and see the exciting opportunities in STEM that we have for you.

For more information on STEM education at LMC, visit www.losmedanos.edu/stem.