• Our Mission, Vision and Values
  • Our Los Medanos College “family”:Students and staff enjoy the friendly atmosphere here – the feeling that we’re all here to help one another.
  • Our faculty: Students rave about their professors and the personal attention they receive.
  • Our beautiful new facilities: Since 2006, we have increased our classroom space by 50%, with a new library, science building and math building. Our art classroom/lab space was completely remodeled in 2010. The nursing and emergency medical technician classroom and lab space was completed in Summer 2012. A science web lab has been added to our Brentwood Center in Spring 2014. In Spring 2015, we opened our renovated Student Services Center, where our students can access most student services easily in one place.
  • Our diverse student body: When a variety of ages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds converge in the classroom, interesting things happen.
  • Our small classes: Because the average class size is 35, students get to know their classmates and their instructors.
  • Our Transfer Programs & Services: Students who plan to transfer to a four-year university get on the right track through Transfer Admission Guarantees, “IGETC,” Transfer Academy and other transfer programs.
  • Our special academic programs: We have many opportunities for students to focus on their studies in an engaging community setting. Learn more about our special programs

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