Ask almost any student or graduate and they’ll tell you a pretty compelling story of how Los Medanos College changed their life.

LMC has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people, and the success and vibrancy of our communities for the past 40 years. There are many stories of success that our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community partners have to share.  Here are just a few of them:

Mark Luis rfs

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis,
Certificate of Achievement in Appliance Service Technology

“All the major and local appliance repair companies are aware of and work with LMC’s Appliance Service Technology Program. Coming from a different industry, I had to start from the ground floor. The instructors and aides worked patiently all the way until I understood everything. BOSCH hired me before my last semester. That was three years ago, and I have three BOSCH co-workers who are also LMC graduates. I like my job and can do this as long as I want to!”

Hellier rfs

Katie Hellier

Katie Hellier,
LMC Alumna –Transfer Path; BS in Physics, UC Santa Cruz (UCSC)

“I never thought I’d be interested in science, but after my first physics class, I was so inspired that I changed my entire academic plan. LMC’s instructors have great passion for teaching and encouraging students. When I transferred, I never felt like I was left behind or had missed out by not taking the lower division classes at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC). Now I manage a physics lab at UCSC. I plan to earn my Ph.D. in Physics, leading to a career in science policy and communication, helping others understand science and math in a way meaningful to them and beneficial to the advancement of our society.”

CallidBanks rfs

Callid Banks

Callid Banks,
AS in Biological Sciences & Mathematics ’13; LMC Instructional Assistant, Biological Sciences; transferred to UC Davis

“Studying biology at LMC was an amazing experience. The professors are very passionate and go above and beyond to facilitate student success. There are great STEM support services like peer tutoring providing one-on-one assistance. While at LMC, I developed deep interest for genetics and that drive has taken me where I am today. Although I’m busy with studies at UC Davis, I also am an instructional assistant at LMC.”

FelipaGonzalez rfs

Felipa Gonzalez

Felipa Gonzalez,
AA in Graphic Communications ’14; current student at UC
San Diego

“The graphic communications instructors at LMC inspired me – they are so open and giving. After interning in the LMC Marketing Department, I was hired as a student worker designing banners, flyers and logos for Student Life. I’ve been able to apply my graphic design lessons in a formal work environment. All of this was a perfect preparation for my transfer to UC San Diego this past fall!”

alan rfs

Alan Ichikawa

Alan Ichikawa, Organizational Effectiveness Leader, The Dow Chemical Company, Pittsburg Site

“LMC and Dow Chemical have a strong collaborative relationship. Over the years, several LMC leaders have served on the Dow Community Advisory Panel. As well, Dow personnel regularly participate in LMC’s strategic planning sessions and program advisory panels. In 2005, Dow partnered with LMC, industry, local elected officials, and the Workforce Development Board to establish LMC’s Process Technology program. Dow provided an executive for a year to start-up the program, and after that successful launch, Dow worked with LMC to create the college’s Electrical/ Instrumentation Technology program. Dow Chemical and the surrounding industry could not ask for a better community college partner. ”