LMC_alumni_jeffJeff Lemler found himself, in high school, fairly apathetic and without any concrete goals for the future – often a common feeling among youth that age. Eventually, after 12 years working in restaurants, he discovered his passion. One day he had an epiphany at work while carrying a tray of drinks: “I like cars. I’ve always liked cars. I’ve always worked on them as a hobby. Maybe I could do it as a career!”

Jeff chose LMC’s Automotive Technology Program because it was affordable. Once he took his first auto class, he was hooked. He found the instructors to be extremely knowledgeable. The program features a live auto shop – serving real customers with cars in need of repairs – where students get hands-on work experience. This helped Jeff not only with tech skills, but also with real work environment skills. He loved his classes and wound up earning every auto tech certificate offered at LMC.

Five years later, Jeff is proud to be a master technician for Lexus! He feels the LMC Automotive Technology Program gave him the knowledge, experience, and confidence to become a great automotive technician – enabling him to achieve his goals and build his dream career.

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